Welcome to Fixture Logic, Inc..

Fixture Logic is a company dedicated to assisting our customers with the data security issues they face when their copier(s) is at the end of its lease and is being returned to the lease company. Fixture Logic coordinates with the hard drive supplier, shipping company and local technician to ensure a seamless hard drive replacement for our customers.

Fixture Logic's goal is to make certain our customers have a positive experience. We have replaced hard drives and/or inspected over 3300 copiers over the last seven years.

We also include a complete inspection of the copier so that our customers have third party verification of the condition and status of their copier(s).

The lease terms specify that the customer is responsible to return the copier back to the leasing company in working order. We will bring to your attention any issues with the copier that needs to be addressed prior to shipping the copier back to the lease company. This helps our customers control their repair costs while the copier is still in their posession.

Please call us at (480) 926-6670 for pricing. We will add an invoice for your specific company and copiers.

When you see your invoice please click "Add to Cart". Review the total amount to be charged, then click "Checkout".

This will take you to the encrypted page. Fill out the customer information. Leave the check on Shipping Information same as Billing Information.

Click "Continue". Enter your Visa/MasterCard/Discover information in the Payment Method area.

Click "Place Order" A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the address you entered.

Please see Terms & Conditions for refund and other pertinent information.